Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for women's

Health, Wellness and Femtech companies 



A marketing blueprint detailing  exact steps to realize your vision


Find and educate women in need of your trailblazing solution


Executive-level direction for your marketing team 


Dedicated to breaking the stigma around women's health

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Marketing Leadership to scale mission-driven brands

I serve women's health, wellness and Femtech brands as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. With proven strategies, and unconventional marketing, I scale disruptive brands that are changing attitudes, and challenging stigmas, around women's health—from menstruation to menopause.


What is a Fractional CMO?


A fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes.

A fractional CMO will find out what your goals are, what has worked so far—and what hasn't— and create a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve your goals.

They’ll put in systems and processes, identify and hire team members, and provide ongoing leadership.

That’s what I do for women's health, wellness and Femtech companies. I’d love to hear about your mission and vision... and help you realize it with marketing that attracts your audience, in spite of the shadow bans.


Let’s work together

Half Day Consult

With a couple weeks prep via email and a 4-hour workshop with you and your team, I'll deep dive into your marketing strategy and provide clear direction on what to do next.

Fractional CMO

You’ll get a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritized campaigns. I’ll work with your team daily to execute the agreed strategy and lead them to deliver the results.


Ongoing Advisor

With check-ins every other week, I'll oversee marketing performance, working to continually improve your team and your campaign results.

Stefanie Meachin
Founder, Femme Health

"I would 100% recommend Jenna to Women's Health founders like me. She's fantastic—she has reset our marketing efforts, going above and beyond in everything she does."

Why I care about making your marketing world class


Despite making up half the population, women's health has been chronically overlooked and underfunded. You're working to resolve that and I'm here to help.

It's frustrating to have bold dreams and be  bogged down by marketing that isn’t working well or takes up too much time.

I’ve had experience scaling brands from startup to exit; launching UK brands into the US and vice versa; using zero marketing budget and to managing $100M+ spend. I love solving marketing problems and guiding teams to win with heart.

Schedule a quick 15-minute call to see if a Fractional CMO could be a good fit.

Let’s Get Started


Schedule a 15-minute call to see if a fractional CMO is a good fit.


Next, we'll get on a longer call to dive into your needs. Then, I’ll share the steps I recommend with a proposal.

Marketing Transformation

In the first 30 days, you’ll have a comprehensive marketing plan and the leadership to execute it over the rest of the quarter.

Craig Kreeger
CEO Virgin Atlantic

"I have been truly impressed with Jenna. In addition to the amazing job she did at leading our marketing and brand efforts, Jenna has been an impressive leader in our organization."

What Does a Fractional CMO Do?

Create your marketing strategy

Optimize your messaging and positioning

Offer insights on customers and competitors

Map out your customer journey

Hire and train team members

Create systems for teams to follow 

Plan for product, category and geographical expansion

Manage KPIs so your marketing makes you money


Deliver mindful solutions aligned with creating a happier, healthier planet and society.



How to Know if You Need a Fractional CMO

  • You're running your marketing team instead of being the CEO
  • Your marketing team is passionate but overwhelmed
  • You’re not sure what campaigns to have your marketing team try next
  • You don’t have your customer journey mapped out, or clear KPIs for your campaigns
  • You’re struggling to find customers online as advertising platforms restrict your ads and shadow ban your content.
  • You’re using gut instinct instead of data to inform your decisions
  • You’re spending time and money on marketing and feel like you could be seeing better results.  

    If this sounds familiar, let's chat.

Shanna Goldstone

Founder and CEO, Pari Passu

Jenna is one of the savviest marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Strategic and creative, she is adept at understanding the challenges of a business and creating solutions that get results.

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